Our core program, MedStart-5 was created to offer support to deserving cancer patients currently in active treatment who are in need of assistance with indirect or out-of-pocket expenses to continue treatment and aid in basic daily needs. Instead of a standard formula to calculate the amont of assistance provided, each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. This method was chosen by NWN as a benefit to the patient as we recognize that each family's situation is unique.

Award amounts also vary however, a patient may apply once per year. The award cap is set each year by our board of directors for some of the following:

  • Transportation to/from medical facilities
  • Doctors co-payments
  • Meals during treatment
  • Special clothing
  • Special medical equipment
  • Lab testing
  • and much more

If you, or someone you know, would like to apply for MedStart-5 services and live within the state of Illinois, please download our application here. Requires Adobe Reader.


Share & Adopt-A-Family is our comprehensive program designed to give donors the option of providing assistance to families by choosing from a pre-selected list. The donor and recipient can also keep in touch by weblog on the NWN website. This allows the donor to learn first hand the results of their donoation and also gives the recipient a way to show their gratitude in real time.

It's really easy! Simply follow the step-by-step process to become a valued S.A.A.F. supporter. By becoming involved, not only will you help a deserving family, but you'll have the joy of seeing your gift have a direct impact on deserving families.

To begin the process of becoming a valued S.A.A.F. supporter start here.


Through the Felton A. Childress, Sr. and Rhoda A. Wilson scholarship funds, assistance can be provided to students of cancer families to help defray the costs associated with beginning or continuing their education. Both funds are open to students of families or individuals who have applied to and approved in the MedStart-5 program.

Feel free to call us and see other examples of how your gift can bring hope and inspiration to a deserving family.

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